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  • Metro East Plumbing Repairs

    Whether it’s a toilet that won’t stop running, a sink that won’t drain, or pipes that leak, it’s good to know the local professionals at Neal’s for all your plumbing needs. Featuring a licensed and friendly staff, we provide ‘round the clock service to ensure you get the help you need, right when you need it. Furthermore, we take pride in an extensive list of services that covers everything that could go wrong with your plumbing systems. Contact us for help with:

    • General Plumbing
    • Sewer Service
    • Drain Cleaning
    • Water Heaters
    • Water Quality
    • Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling
    • Sump Pumps
    • Water Well Pumps
    • Water & Gas Lines
    • Code Violation Corrections
    • More…
  • Code Corrections that Keep Your System Sound

    All homes are built to certain standards or building codes that ensure the structural security of your system. Additionally, ignoring these codes could make your plumbing system unsafe or unsanitary and may even have other lasting effects. Typically newer homes are more code compliant, while older homes are usually not updated as fast as the building codes are. That’s where a licensed plumber comes in handy. They’ll ensure that each repair or new installation is done to code and can alert you of any safety or health concerns.

  • Expertise for Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

    From replacing a few appliances to a complete redesign of your kitchen or bathroom, Neal’s has the know-how to make sure your renovations are completed without major problems. Call our experts for installation of:

    • Bathtubs
    • Showers
    • Toilets
    • Sinks
    • Wash Basins
    • Fixtures
    • Garbage Disposals
    • Water Lines
    • Gas Lines
    • Etc.
  • Professional Water Line & Gas Line Installation

    Don’t let just anyone repair or service your water or gas lines. The pros at Neal’s have the skills and experience to safely install all water and gas lines for your home and your appliances. Some plumbers aren’t certified for gas line installation; trust the company that has the know-how to provide professionally installed water and gas lines.

  • Local, Reliable Sewer Service

    When it comes to the dirty jobs, Neal’s has you covered with sewer service that solves a range of issues with your plumbing system. Your home’s sewage system safely carries waste away from your home and into the municipal sewage system. Without this component, harmful water and particulates could affect the health of your family. Let us provide:

    • Complete Sewer Service
    • Sewer Line Repair
    • Sewer Line Installation
    • Sewage Ejector Pumps

    Sewage Ejector Pumps

    Do you have a basement bathroom? Sink? Washer/Dryer? If so, that water needs to be carried away from your home. However, without a proper sewage ejector pump, you’re putting your water supply at risk. A sewage ejector is a small device that pumps “gray water" (runoff from appliances, bathrooms, etc.) through your pipes and away from your home.

  • Drain Cleaning Professionals for a Smooth-Running System

    Your plumbing system doesn’t work properly without drains that successfully carry away wastewater. Additionally, over time, your drains will accumulate buildup that could cause clogs, complete backups, and other issues. Contact our local professionals when you have issues with sinks, showers, floor drains, or any drain that isn’t functioning properly.  Notify us of the following problems:

    • Slowly draining sinks, showers, tubs, floor drains
    • Foul odors coming from your drains
    • Your drains back up because of clogs in one or more places
    • You experience flooding

    While your home does need periodic drain cleaning, you can help your system run more smoothly by avoiding putting some things down the drain. These include:

    • Coffee Grounds
    • Oils & Fats
    • Sanitary Napkins
    • Paper Towels/Flushable Wipes
    • Cleaning Solution
    • Food Waste
    • Egg Shells, Flour, Rice, Pasta
    • Etc.
  • Water Heater Sales, Service & Installation

    Whether it’s taking a nice, relaxing shower or scrubbing the dishes clean after dinner, every home needs a functioning water heater. However, what option is right for you? Depending on the size of your home and family, and your water habits, your water heater needs could change. Talk to the people at Neal’s about water heaters and get advice on what’s perfect for your situation.

    Tankless/On-Demand Water Heaters

    Tankless or On-Demand water heaters are gaining popularity in homes all over. Unlike a traditional water heater, a tankless model heat water as you need it and doesn’t require a pilot light. While they’re more expensive and complicated to install, you could see the following benefits:

    • Less Water Usage
    • Increased Energy Efficiency
    • Tax Incentives may be available
    • Increased Lifespan
    • Take Up Less Space

    Traditional Water Heaters

    These models are what you typically think of when it comes to water heaters: A large tank that keeps a large quantity of water heated and ready for use. These could be the right option for your home depending on your budget, family size, water usage habits, and more. Talk the professionals at Neal’s about your water heater and talk to about how a tankless or traditional water heater could benefit you.

    Water Heater Expansion Tanks

    Does your water heater have an expansion tank? As the tank heats your water, the pressure increases, which could cause damage to your system if left unchecked and out of control. Luckily, we install expansion tanks to relieve pressure and minimize the risk of damage. Tanks are available in varying sizes based on your water heater, the pressure, the temperature of the water, etc. Ask our staff about what’s best for you.

  • Your Local Water Quality Specialists

    Is your house on hard water? Would you like to eliminate many of the particulates and impurities in your water supply? Our staff has the all the details on water softeners, whole-home filtration systems, and water well pumps.

    Water Softeners

    Ask Neal’s about a water softener that’s perfect for your specific needs. We can install and repair all types of water softeners including:

    • Ion Exchange Systems
    • Salt-Free Systems
    • Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Additionally, the benefits of a water softener could include:

    • Decreases water spots on dishes, silverware, mirrors, cars, etc.
    • Leaves skin and hair feeling softer and cleaner
    • Reduces soap scum on surfaces
    • Reduces buildup in your plumbing system

    Experience the benefits of Whole-Home Filtration

    Worried that your family is drinking tainted water? Want to ensure that the water you’re drinking is free of harmful particulates and impurities? Provide clean drinking water to everyone in your home with a whole-home filtration system. These systems filter out the bad stuff to leave your home with clean, pure H2O for peace of mind while you drink, clean, bathe, etc. Benefits may include:

    • Clean water from every faucet in your home
    • Removal of chlorine and other chemicals from your supply
    • Removal of pathogens from your home’s supply
    • Protection from tainted water from the local supply
    • Improved water taste

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