• Whether it’s taking a nice, relaxing shower or scrubbing the dishes clean after dinner, every home needs a functioning water heater. However, what option is right for you? Depending on the size of your home and family, and your water habits, your heater needs could change. Talk to the people at Neal’s Plumbing Service about water heaters and get advice on what’s perfect for your situation.

  • Tankless/On-Demand Water Heaters

    Tankless or on-demand water heaters are gaining popularity in homes all over. Unlike traditional water heaters, a tankless model heat water as you need it and doesn’t require a pilot light.

    While they’re more expensive and complicated to install, you could see the following benefits:

    • Less Water Usage
    • Increased Energy Efficiency
    • Tax Incentives
    • Increased Lifespan
    • Take Up Less Space
  • Traditional Water Heaters

    These models are what you typically of when it comes to water heaters. A large tank that keeps a large quantity of water heated and ready for use. These could be the right option for your home depending on your budget, family size, water usage habits, and more. Talk to professional at Neal’s Plumbing Service about your heater and how a tankless or traditional heater could benefit you.

  • Water Heater Expansion Tanks

    Does your heater have an expansion tank? As the tank heats your water, the pressure increases, which could cause damage to your system if left unchecked and out of control. Luckily, we install expansion tanks to relieve pressure and minimize the risk of damage. Tanks are available in varying sizes based on your heater, the pressure, the temperature of the water, etc. Ask our staff about what’s best for you.

  • Water Heater Repair Specialists

    If your heater isn’t working correctly, contact Neal’s Plumbing Service for your heater repair in Troy Illinois. Our technicians have the experience and toolset to take care of any of your heater needs. Whether your home doesn’t have any hot water or your heater is leaking, our specialists are here to help! Whether you want a heater replacement or repair, we have you covered.