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Your Local Water Quality Specialists in Troy, Illinois

Is your house on hard water? Would you like to eliminate many of the particulates and impurities in your water supply? Our staff at Neal’s Plumbing, LLC Service has all the details on water softeners, whole-home filtration systems, and water well pumps to better your water quality.

Water Softeners

Water softeners come in various designs and sizes, depending on the size of your home. It is usually installed in your basement or garage. Water enters your water softener tank, and its goal is to attract those minerals to the water. It primarily works as a filter, drawing those unwanted minerals and thus, softening your water supply. Ask Neal’s Plumbing, LLC about a water softener that’s perfect for your specific needs.

Additionally, the benefits of a water softener could include:

  • Decreases water spots on dishes, silverware, mirrors, cars, etc.
  • Leave skin and hair feeling softer and cleaner
  • Reduces soap scum on surfaces
  • Reduces buildup in your plumbing system
Water Softeners in Troy IL
Whole-Home Filtration in Troy IL

Experience the Benefits of Whole-Home Filtration

Worried that your family is drinking tainted water? Want to ensure that the water you’re drinking is free of harmful particulates and impurities? Provide clean drinking water to everyone in your home with a whole-home filtration system. These systems filter out the bad stuff to leave your home with clean, pure H2O for peace of mind while you drink, clean, bathe, etc.

Benefits may include:

  • Clean water from every faucet in your home
  • Removal of chlorine and other chemicals from your supply
  • Removal of pathogens from your home’s supply
  • Protection from tainted water from the local supply
  • Improved water taste
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